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Working with the community to build a better Northern Ontario one step at a time. 


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NIYOP’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for First Nations people and disadvantaged youth within Northern Ontario throughstructured scientific research endeavors, establishing resources which emphasize effective coping strategies, and hosting grassroots advocacy events within our communities to abolish inequities.NIYOP believes that all youth deserve the right to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

"We are a group of young professionals who want to continue to support the Northern community by providing work opportunities, skills development, and family strengthening for those who face barriers including disability or social disadvantage; with the aim of advancing individuals, families, and communities toward self-sufficiency and prosperity."


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We distinctively develop our research training with global and national significance. We embrace the values of openness and transparency in science. We hold a commitment to examine existing disparities and work hard to eliminate them.


We focus on innovation that will help youth get on a path to a certificate or degree after high school and stay on it towards graduation.  We are always reaching out to institutions to improve accessibility.

Social Responsibility

We follow the World Health Organization's (WHO) definition of social accountability as "the obligation to direct education, research and service activities towards addressing the priority health concerns of the community, region and the nation.

Health & Wellness

We plan to work together with governments, health care organizations, health professionals, and the public to ensure everyone, everywhere, has someone to turn to in support of their physical and mental health.

We Feel Proud To Serve Our Community

Matthew Novello

Co-founder, Director of Research & Development
Matthew is a lifelong community member of Sault Ste. Marie, Northern Ontario, who is passionate about rural healthcare advocacy. As someone who was negatively impacted by the lack of access to mental-health related resources, Matthew is motivated to improve upon related healthcare inequities in Northern Ontario.

Speciality: Medical Research
Degrees: BMSc, MSc, DDS Candidate

Adriano Brescacin

Co-founder, Director of Operations
Adriano grew up in a modest, hard-working family in Northern Ontario, where he was raised to believe in the virtues of productivity, integrity and personal accountability. He aspires to exploit innovative technologies that foster resilient systems and enrich the lives of the people who use them at a level of security and health.

Speciality: Healthcare & Business
Degrees: BA, DDS Candidate

William McPhee

Director, Legal Outreach

Speciality: Legal Research & Accessibility
Degrees: BA, JD Candidate

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We are currently looking to expand our team and network. If you are interested in working with our organization please get in touch.

William Khoury

Board of Director

Speciality: Medicine & Research
Degrees: BMSc, MD Candidate

Jonathan Hu

Board of Director

Speciality: Research & Medicine
Degrees: BMSc, MD Candidate


Feel free to get in touch with your ideas or questions!

NIYOP was founded in late 2019 and is currently working to expand its team and funding to take on the larger projects that matter in our community. 

Priority concerns for health and wellbeing are identified jointly by governments, health care organizations, health provisionals and public officials. We make our best distinction through research on what concerns we can help improve or solve using our team and resources. If funding is required we seek the private sector and philanthropy.

NAYOP focuses on good leadership and management which consists of providing direction to, and gaining commitment from partners and the public. We also facilitate change and aim to achieve better health services through efficient, creative and responsible deployment of people and other health resources.

The term mental health encapsulates a vast number of conditions, but due to shame and stigma, people suffering very often do so in silence. One in four people will experience mental ill health at some point in their lifetime. It impacts us all. mental health is truly the great equalizer - and yet, it is barely represented in the Global Goals. When it comes to addressing mental health, we are far behind the rest of the global health agenda so it is time to step up!

We plan to focus on programs that focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We also believe through these goals we can achieve a better and more sustainable future. Learn more by clicking here: Goals.


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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Email: hello@niyop.org